The Company
Market Research
Ramo s.r.l., has been working for years in the supplying of mechanical, electrical and electronic systems for the production of domestic appliances.
The company is an ideal partner for its activities in market research in order to suggest alternative components enabling customers to support lower costs and achieve greater efficiencies.
The company, on the market for about twenty years, has extensive experience in consulting appliances manufacturers for all activities related to components and materials supplying, specific to their products manufacture, offering alternative solutions to the use of components made with innovative but cheaper materials.
Plants and machinery
Safety stocks
Our company meets all customers needs for the supply of machinery, equipment, facilities, automated production processes, molds for plastic, rubber, sheet metal , die and drawn metal, perfectly fitting development and optimization of production processes thanks to the study and implementation of customized systems.
Manufacturing industries long-held philosophy to eliminate stock materials costs in their warehouses (emergency stocks and strategic reserves), led all suppliers to an innovative orders/deliveries program allowing the flux of components and materials directly in the manufacturing departments and assembly lines: “free-pass” and “just in time”.
Our customers